Is social media the future of recruitment?

Now, first of all, we should say that we are not recruiters, so this is not a piece about a new trend in the recruitment industry, rather a piece about an evolution in the way in which we are helping our clients to modernise their recruitment practices.

In the ‘old days’ of three or four years ago, it would always be that an ad in the right publication and a web post would be enough for an establishment, like a school or college, to attract applicants for a role and that would be fine. But now, with the shifting expectations and habits of job seekers and the increased competition for top talent, companies have been forced to modernise the way they do things.

Because of this, recruiters within businesses have to use smarter ways of getting their job postings seen, and the most obvious of these is social media, something we do consider ourselves to be experts in.

So, when a client started talking to us about the declining success of their recruitment campaigns, in more traditional mediums, we knew this was a great chance for us to introduce them to the wonders of ‘social recruitment’.

Now, at this point it’s important to note that we still believe print ads and recruitment agencies can have a very important role to play in the process, but job seekers in specific industries want to see career opportunities in places relevant to them, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our client, a well-known school in the North West of England, started off by recruiting for one position, one that they had almost no applications for through a traditional ad they had placed in a national newspaper. If you’ve ever placed an ad in a national newspaper you will know that they are not cheap.

So, we suggested they try something different and run a targeted Facebook advertising campaign. It used very specific keywords and a bespoke custom audience profile to make sure the ad was served to those that really wanted to see it. And, with a very small budget, we were confident we could get them some really good engagement.

And guess what? It worked! For that first ad alone they had a greater number of applicants than they had ever had and since then we have run another four recruitment campaigns for them, in which applications have increased by at least 80%, on average.

So, it really doesn’t matter what type of position you are recruiting for, it could be a headmaster, chief technician, janitor or a beauty therapist, be smart, think about your audience and tailor your campaign to fit their needs.

And, if you want some expert guidance then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and we are confident we could make a difference in how you recruit in the future.

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