Our Five Favourite PR campaigns in 2019 so far

To be honest, this was almost an impossible task as there’s been some real beauties already in 2019 with some of the most well-known brands carrying on what they did so well in 2018. With that in mind, you won’t be surprised to see the likes of IKEA, Greggs & Just Eat with a couple of others like London Zoo in there too.

But where to start and who to pick as the number 1? Well, we love a Greggs in the office (who doesn’t?) and Burger King have been red hot recently and these two were really up there, but for me, London Zoo had to take the number one spot for their brilliant Pride 2019 inspired campaign.

So grab a brew and see what we’ve picked for our favourite PR campaigns from the last few months.

London Zoo celebrates Pride 2019

Did you know that some penguins are gay? No? Well now you do, so get over it! This was the motto of London Zoo’s recent Pride 2019 campaign designed to celebrate same-sex couples lifting from Stonewall’s recent (also brilliant) campaign.

Happening at exactly the same time as the Pride Parade over the weekend (5th-7th July) the zoo held a party for their gay penguins, Ronnie & Reggie. The picture was amazing, the idea was smart and provocative and who doesn’t love penguins?!?

IKEA creates the world’s comfiest font

IKEA is a PR and marketing powerhouse and has been for a long time, and this is another classic. If you’ve ever bought a sofa from the iconic Swedish brand you will know they have an online sofa planner that allows you to make your own configuration of sofa from their modular range.

Simple enough right? What you might not know is that it has been the source of many a meme with one smart mouth on twitter creating a £15,000 design that really got people talking.

So what did IKEA do? Well they decided to create a free font called Soffa Sans. Yes that’s right, a font that people can download and use made from actual (well virtual) IKEA sofas.

Simple, funny and really smart!

Greggs & Just Eat

You can now order Greggs on Just Eat. Yep, in three cities across the UK (London, Newcastle and Glasgow) you can now get Sausage Rolls, Cheese and Bean Slices and iced finger rolls delivered direct to your door thanks to Just Eat. And delivery is free!

To celebrate, two of the best PR & Marketing departments in the industry got their heads together and created the world’s first custom ‘Sausage Roll Sidecar’ in homage to the bike Greggs founder John Gregg used in the 1930s to deliver his baked goods.

Is this just a gimmick? Of course it is! Does that matter? No, of course not. The partnership is real and the stunt does a great job and works. Plus, the campaign featured one of this PR person’s favourite celebs in Joe Swash, so what more do you want?

Renault Zoe real-time billboard

Now, this isn’t strictly speaking a pure PR campaign, but what is these days! Plus, we love a real-time activation.

Renault has invented and installed a billboard that shows the dropping price of its electric car, the Zoe, as pollution levels rise. It’s in one of Europe’s most polluted capitals, Bucharest and highlights the serious health issues associated with pollution.

What’s particularly great about this campaign is that it’s not just a gimmick, passers-by can actually claim the discounted price when they see it using their phone.

We love this because it’s real-time, highlights a genuine issue and rewards people for caring. Nice one Renault!

RNLI puts the (welly) boot in

Back in May, the RNLI created an installation of 181 pairs of yellow welly boots right next to the river Thames to represent the average number of people that the service rescues EVERY SINGLE WEEK in the UK.

The installation was created to mark the start of their annual Mayday Twitter drive for new kit for crews across the country.

We love this campaign because the contrast of the yellow boots against the London skyline is really powerful and anything that can highlight the cause of this amazing voluntary service is great in our eyes

And finally….A sacked German football manager protested at his last game

Early in June, a manager in the 5th division of German football was unceremoniously sacked by his team via WhatsApp just hours before his final game. So in protest at this decision, he decided to turn up to the game in full fishing gear.

I think it’s fair to say he was looking forward to leaving the stress of football behind him and we love the fact that he just couldn’t resist the opportunity to make his feelings known. Brilliant!

So we know that strictly speaking that’s six but we don’t count the last one.

Obviously, if you think we missed one then let us know in the comments or on social media. And of course, if you ever want to know how we can help you create a campaign like one of these gems then give me a call.

Until next time

Neil Watts

PR & Communications Director

07961 730681

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