You look different! Have you changed your hair?”

Well, no, but we have had a facelift! Thanks for noticing!

We’ve changed the way we look, both online and in print, and do you know what? We really like it! In fact, we like it so much that we decided to talk to Nicola Murphy, one of our graphic designers who lead this project, to ask her about the inspiration behind the new look. Here’s what she had to say.

“As times and design trends evolve, we must evolve with them. This is vital for agencies like us to keep up and continue to look fresh, compelling and contemporary to clients, competitors and the general public.

We started with the logo. We didn’t want a total redesign, instead we approached it more as an evolution. As a business, we are constantly looking to move forward, adding new strings to our bow and looking for new and exciting opportunities, whether that’s in the use of the latest technology or in the way we report to clients. We wanted our logo to reflect this.

In over four decades, CFH has established a strong identity. This is reflected in the bespoke typeface we had previously created for our logo. Thus, we decided to keep this whilst updating and refining the tagline to reflect both the service we offer and our ambition to always remain current.

The idea was to tip our hats to the previous logo but to freshen it up, much like those of the Brit Awards and Apple.

One of the main trends that has made a return in the design world is Gradients. They enhance and add depth to flat designs, as well as being incredibly versatile. For these reasons, we decided to incorporate gradients into the new CFH branding. We opted to utilise a geometric pattern made up of gradients in two striking ways. One of which stands within the CFH letters and the other acts as a background for the white out logo – making the whole thing pop.

Alongside the pattern we introduced four vibrant colour gradients which are bold, recognisable and stand out from the main greyscale branding. We believe that the vibrancy of these bold colour transitions will create real stand-out content, both on our social media platforms and in the literature we produce, making text eye catching and attention grabbing.”

So that’s it, a mix of old and new. Bold colours and simplicity, without compromising on the latest design trends. Needless to say, we love it but we’d also love to know what you think.

If you want to see what CFH can do for your brand identity then please get in touch!

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