Regatta/Dare2b - Outdoor by ISPO, Munich 2019

Outdoor by ISPO, Munich 2019

The brief was to design an exhibition stand for two related brands, both sharing one space. The brands were brought together by a shared reception desk in front of the dividing wall, facing the main aisle.

Although the brands belong to the same parent company, both go down completely divergent aesthetic paths.

Dare 2b decided on a sleek, clean, predominantly black and white design, with a feel reminiscent of ‘high fashion’ brands. In contrast, Regatta’s design focussed more on natural, warm finishes to highlight the rugged, ‘outdoorsy’ nature of the brand.

Enormous impact was achieved on both sides through sheer height, with the walls standing proud at almost five and a half metres! Accentuating this, both brands utilised huge outward facing lightboxes. Dare 2b’s was cut to follow the dramatic angle of the architecture and then set into the wall. They also implemented a large video screen on the front corner of the stand.

Another important design element on the Dare 2b side was the metal mesh ‘window’ feature incorporated into the wall. Along with the angled side entrance, this opened up what might otherwise have felt like a slightly enclosed space, on the narrower side of the exhibition plot.

Both sides of the stand were totally sympathetic to the aesthetic considerations of each brand, and represented a successful, impactful realisation of the client’s briefs.

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