World Social Media Day – Top Picks

There have been so many good social media campaigns over the last year that this was almost an impossible task. It seems that everywhere you look there’s another great campaign looking for its moment in the sun. However, I’d be lying if I said that the majority of the time they didn’t fall into the ‘not being looked at’ category, as I scroll past to find the latest football gossip. That said, there are countless campaigns that do grab me, so let’s get into it. Here are my top 6 social media campaigns from the last 12 months:


6. John Lewis – #Notaretailstore

When I was first introduced to John Lewis’ twitter account, I loved it immediately. Though at first, it wasn’t the John Lewis you are likely thinking of. Instead, it was a poor old computer scientist from Virginia (called John Lewis) taking some stick from aggravated customers that the toaster they ordered 45 minutes ago still hadn’t arrived!

Rather than clear this up in his bio, however, John seems to enjoy the confusion, taking time to reply to quite a few of the complaints. He never fails to produce witty, but never offensive, content. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time until the ‘real’ John Lewis came knocking.

The #notaretailstore campaign was born on Twitter and debuted in the build-up to Christmas 2018. The messaging behind the ad focused on the idea that Twitter is the social media platform for everybody, even if sometimes there are cases of mistaken identity! Impressively, this campaign has achieved over 3 million views on Twitter to date, and more importantly, earned John Lewis the much sought after ‘little blue tick’. High exposure and rewarding a man of the people? What more can you ask for at Christmas time? Click the link and enjoy.

My Rating: 7/10

5. CALM – Project 84

If you were to ask me, or anybody, about topics they feel uncomfortable discussing, there would likely be a strong chance that suicide would rank high among them. In fact, it makes many of us so uncomfortable that we simply choose not to discuss it. Why would we? Is it relevant to me? Well, that’s exactly why Project 84 has made this list.

Men’s suicide prevention charity, CALM, or Campaign Against Living Miserably, made us talk about it. The campaign debuted on ITV’s This Morning. By placing 84 male statues, representing the average number of men that commit suicide each week in the UK, on the roof of the studio, CALM brought sharp focus onto the subject. They didn’t allow us to ignore the issue… They showcased it.

The results? Appearances in just about every national news programme and newspaper, 80% of the total sign-ups CALM for 2017 in the following 3 days, 36,000 Twitter mentions and a #standagainstsuicide petition which earned enough signatures to be debated in Parliament. CALM can take great pride in this campaign. Stunning! Take a look at the unveiling video by following the link below.

My Rating: 8/10

4. KFC – Reinventing the Colonel and FCK

A combination of 2 campaigns here, purely because I love them both. KFC has always been fantastic in their PR & Comms department and they truly knocked it out of the park with their response to the chicken shortage.

Now, strictly speaking, this was a print ad, but it featured more than enough times on social media for me to justify including it. Besides, more importantly, the fact I’m a big fan of KFC myself is reason enough! Of course, the initial response to the ‘crisis’ was negative, but by the end of the company’s 3rd quarter, sales had actually increased! Talk about a turnaround!

Now onto the Instagram campaign, showing the colonel as you’d never seen him before… As a social media influencer! The high-flying, tattoo covered, finely groomed colonel we never knew we’d be ok with. As you can imagine, the campaign achieved well over three hundred thousand likes on Instagram. CGI influencers are the future. You heard it here first, and KFC are certainly at the forefront of this movement. See for yourself! Click the link.

My rating: 8.5/10

3. Burger King – Burn that ad

This one was great because it was so much fun, so simple, and a touch on the provocative side! Download the app, point your camera at any ad from BK’s rivals and poof! Up it goes in smoke, revealing to the user they have just earned a free Whopper.

Now, this campaign was exclusive to Brazil, but it is testament to how well it did that we’re talking about it here. The amount of times I’ve seen this on my Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and even LinkedIn is remarkable for such a localised campaign. In fact, I might take my lunch break now! You can see this campaign in action by following the link.

My Rating: 8.5/10

2. Numerous – The World Cup 2018

Summer 2018. England, sunshine, waistcoats… The World Cup. I actually paid to download the Lightning Seeds ‘It’s Coming Home’ on my phone. It was that kind of summer. The England National Football Team created a carnival atmosphere in the streets, pubs, fields… Basically, anywhere you could see a TV! Social media platforms were awash with brilliant posts from the likes of British Airways, Boyle Sport and the players themselves.

In the short weeks our boys were away in Russia, ‘It’s coming home’ achieved 2.3 million mentions across social media, waistcoats became the must have accessory, pubs ran dry and our very own Gareth Southgate achieved 727,855 search results on google as the most discussed manager in the semi-finals. Bring on 2022! Check out the link below for some of the highlights.

My Rating: 9/10

1. Gillette – The Best Men Can Be

Controversial? Yes. Effective? Absolutely! Gillette’s campaign effectively dangled the red cape in front of the ‘toxic masculinity’ bull. Following on from the #metoo movement, Gillette simply called on men to do more, to be the best they can be. Twitter and YouTube quite simply exploded when this controversial campaign was launched. 1.5 million social media mentions in 2 days, 187,000 uses of the #TheBestMenCanBe hashtag and a combined 750,000+ reactions to the original tweet. Oh, and I forgot to mention, 30 MILLION+ views on YouTube, at the time of writing this blog! If you want a demonstration on how to make a statement, look no further than this! See the ad in full by following the link below.

My rating: 10/10

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